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Rivercrest Sewing Center
THE Dream Machine™ Innov-is XV8500D
Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting & Crafting
Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting & Crafting

Rivercrest Sewing Center now has Digitizing Classes using Brother's
PE-Design Next.
See our "Classes" page for more information or click
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D i s n e y  M a c h i n e  L i n e u p

The World’s First
Home and Hobby Cutting
Machine with a Built-in Scanner
Perfect for sewers & quilters, DIY/crafters, scrapbookers &
paper crafters, and mixed media artists
Cut virtually any material including fabric and felt
Turn a hand drawn illustration into a work of art
No PC, no Internet, no cartridges needed
Make the most of your materials